Jerome Sides

Jerome Sides is currently a Safety Officer III at the University of Illinois Chicago Environmental Health and Safety Office, who works with UIC employees providing safety and training. After spending more than a decade working in Safety, Jerome knows what making sure that workers are working safely and what maintaining a safe work environment requires. Jerome knows how to evaluate and monitor health and safety hazards and develop strategies to control risk in the workplace. Jerome has over ten years of experience as a Chicago Police Officer. He has taken on many risk of injury from various locations where police may be called to fire, explosion, unstable structures and working at or near locations of hazardous incidents and hazmat situations. He believes in safety and providing a safe environment for the public. Jerome is an awarded Police Officer having received a department commendation for outstanding acts of bravery and making a significant impact on public safety and crime prevention. Jerome has received the UIC Award of Merit being recognized and honored for outstanding Civil Service. Jerome is a Certified Train the Trainer received from the Center for Domestic Preparedness.

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