Navigating Complex Lab Relocations

The University at Buffalo EH&S department is responsible for the coordination and transport of chemicals for lab moves. There are many challenges that exist in coordinating a large scale move, ranging from regulatory issues to staffing. UB recently experienced the construction of the Jacobs School of Medicine and had to relocate labs from the south campus to the new building located downtown.
Jacobs School of Medicine:
The University at Buffalo expanded its downtown campus with the addition of the Jacobs School of Medicine, which officially opened in the spring of 2018. Jacobs School consists of 27 departments, 828 faculty, and over 1600 students that range from undergraduate to PhD, and residents. UB EH&S was tasked with moving the chemicals and biological materials of 47 Principle Investigators from the South Campus to the new location. Since that time, the labs that were vacated by the Medical School are currently being backfilled with personnel from two other schools on campus.
• Approximately 10,000 chemical containers
• Provided packing materials and transport services
• Roughly 1 year of preparation
• Moves spanned a 4 month period
A systematic approach is required to successfully coordinate and execute a large scale lab move. We will provide an outline for the model that we used, and some of the tools that aided in our success. Maintaining strong communication is paramount to coordinating lab moves of any size, as well as building good working relationships with lab personnel. Many details may be overlooked in the planning process, but the right approach can prevent this from occurring. We will also provide some of the challenges that we experienced, and how we overcame those obstacles. Lab moves provide a great opportunity to build lasting relationships with personnel on campus.

Track A
Location: Maple Room Date: August 5, 2019 Time: 10:30 am - 11:15 am Joshua Snyder Anthony Oswald