Moving to Electronic Waste Requests-Building a Chemical Waste System from Scratch

From the early 1990’s and up through 2014, Virginia Tech was using handwritten, triplicate copy pickup request forms and an Access database that was created and managed by one person for data collection and reporting. In 2014, the Vice President of EHS charged the Hazardous Materials group with implementing an online chemical waste system for the campus. We decided to build a Chemical Waste module onto our existing Safety Management System (SMS). The online ticketing system has proven highly successful and has led to improvements in customer service, client satisfaction, increased productivity, more consistent management of the waste itself, and much-improved management reporting. Since the system is web-based, all waste personnel have access to, and responsibility for accurate and timely waste management. Having a system open to the entire waste group leads to increased transparency, consistency, and accountability. The system is in house designed and built, which allows it to meet our specific needs. The new waste tickets are bar-coded and are scanned by hand held, wireless scanners, which provide real-time processing of incoming waste containers. During bulking operations, the tickets are scanned into the consolidation container. This provides information that was not readily available using the handwritten ticketing system. Shipping operations are conducted in a similar manner, where the containers being shipped are scanned to a manifest. This allows for the generation of a shipping report, which is used to verify the manifests and the shipping reports agree before the waste leaves the facility. Management reports on shipped and/or generated waste for any date range, TSDF, or generating facility are available for management use at any time. Additional features, changes, and modules are being added as needed. A radioactive material waste request module is under development and will launch soon.

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Location: Pine Room Date: August 5, 2019 Time: 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm Kenny Osborne Rob Lowe