2015 Conference – Chicago, Illinois

Conference Agenda:

Chicago Conference Program & Agenda

Conference Fun:

Opening Reception Architectural Cruise
IMG_5478 (2) NB Skyline Shot TJ corn cob building photo
IMG_0107 Nick and Girlfriend IMG_0117
IMG_5491 (2) TJ night picture
Navy Pier Taste of Chicago Banquet
IMG_0205 JN Taste of Chicago Banquet 2 Heather Jackson and Husband
JS Navy Pier 3 Rich Anderson at Navy Pier Banquet JS Navy Pier 4
Cubs Game
Cubs Game
Field Museum Trip
Group Picture in Front of the Field Museum Taking the bus to the Field Museum
Themed Refreshment Breaks
Refreshments at Strawberry Break 2 Refreshments at Strawberry Break Picnic in Provence Themed Break
Trip to Argonne National Laboratories
argonne3 argonne1 argonne2